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  • The Line Through the Sky

    NOVEL, 2008

    Francisco Ángeles

    An old man who works at a funeral home, a group of conspirators who aren't sure whether they're really conspirators or not, a doctor who tells stories about disappearances before disappearing...


    NARRATIVE, 2016

    Joselo Rangel

    In March 2016, as part of their ‘Latin America Olè Tour', the British band The Rolling Stones played in Cuba for the first time at a free concert held at the Ciudad Deportiva in...

  • La Novena

    NOVEL, 2016

    Marcela Serrano

    Following an absurd misunderstanding, Miguel Flores, a university student, is arrested at a protest march against the Pinochet dictatorship. After spending a few days in a local jail, he is sent...

  • Every day belongs to us

    NOVEL, 2016

    Catalina Aguilar Mastretta

    They were María and Emiliano. That was what everyone called them, everywhere they went... until one day they weren't any more. Since then they've discovered that rebuilding a new life as a...

  • Day In, Day Out

    NOVEL, 2016

    Héctor Aguilar Camín

    Does hearing but not repeating a confession to a crime of passion make one an accomplice to it? Is it possible to escape the burden of the past? Are we the protagonists of our fate or just bit...

  • Isabel's Notebook

    NOVEL, 2014.

    Carolina Vegas

    Isabel is a young journalist who lives alone with her cat Lancelot in an apartment overlooking the park. She likes to read and drink a glass of wine when she gets home from work. She is single and...

  • Sleeping Dragons

    SHORT STORIES, 2014.

    Magela Baudoin

    GABRIEL GARCÍA MÁRQUEZ SPANISH-AMERICAN SHORT-STORY  PRIZE  All the stories in La composición de la sal (The Composition of Salt), portray everyday...

  • The Sound of H

    NOVEL, 2015

    Magela Baudoin

    NATIONAL PRIZE FOR THE NOVEL IN 2014 (BOLIVIA) This story is a desperate cry. It is the cry of H. One day, Mar and Rafaela, teenagers about to leave school, become friends under unusual...

  • Permanent

    NOVEL, 1993

    Juan José Saer

    In clear, direct prose, the plot of Lo imborrable (Permanent) sees Carlos Tomatis wandering through a ghost town. His meeting with a pair of strange characters, Alfonso and Vilma, brings up a...

  • Twice Unique


    Elena Poniatowska

    A diva and muse in her own right, legendary wife, magnificent cook, stormy tempered mother and tragic widow, María Guadalupe Marín Preciado, Lupe Marín (1895-1983), was a...

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