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  • Death is an Old Story

    NOVEL, 2015

    Hernán Rivera Letelier

    A rapist is attacking women in the Antofagasta cemetery. The victims say they were dragged into a tomb by a man with a terrifying voice who reeks of death. Tira Gutiérrez, the only private...

  • A Loser’s Manual

    NOVEL NOIR, 1985

    Juan Sasturain

    Only Sasturain can tell a story about the dictatorship in a voice that’s not explicit but is nonetheless completely honest. Realism requires hard-headed objectivity, but it can be...

  • Sand in Your Shoes

    NOVEL NOIR, 1988

    Juan Sasturain

    Sand in Your Shoes is an incredible novel in which Etchenique discovers the benefits of chaos, or disorder at least. On this occasion, the veteran leaves the big city and withdraws to the...

  • I’d Pay Not To See You

    NOVEL NOIR, 2008

    Juan Sasturain

    I’d Pay Not to See You takes the link between fiction and reality in Juan Sasturain’s work to new extremes. It is the third book to feature Etchenike as a character. An old, tired...

  • White Collar

    NOVEL NOIR, 2013

    Bef, Bernardo Fernández

    After Black Ice (Grijalbo Prize 2011) detective Andrea Mijangos and Lizzy Zubiaga, the queen of synthetic drugs, return to face each other once more. Oscar Salgado, owner of Blue Chip...

  • Crimes and gardens

    NOVEL, 2013

    Pablo De Santis

    Buenos Aires 1894. Detective Craig has just died and the young investigator Sigmundo Salvatorio, the protagonist of The Paris Enigma, is left in charge of the agency. He must immediately take his...

  • Black Ice

    NOVEL, 2011

    Bef, Bernardo Fernández

    GRIJALBO NOVEL PRIZE 2011 Lizzy Zubiaga runs a prison in Constanza. Andrea Mijangos is a public attorney. Although they don't yet know it, they are tied together by bloody events with...

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