Diego Vecchio


Diego Vecchio was born in Buenos Aires in 1969 and has lived in Paris since 1992. He is the author of three works of fiction: Historia calamitatum (Paradiso, 2000), Microbios (Microbes, Beatriz Viterbo, 2006), and Osos (Bears, Beatriz Viterbo, 2010) and one non-fiction work: Egocidios: Macedonio Fernández y la liquidación del yo (Egocides: Macedonio Fernández and the Liquidation of the Self, Beatriz Viterbo, 2003). He teaches Latin American literature and creative writing at the Paris 8 University. 

«Diego Vecchio has constructed a body of work full of subtle humour that only appears to have been conceived far from the noise and bustle of Buenos Aires. Its power lies in a literary language that both screams its faith in the potential of literature and exudes literature on its own account. Something that had appeared lost in contemporary literature.» Juan Fernando García, Perfil


«Humorous erudition and an imagination as fantastic as it is rigorous,» Mathieu Lindon, Libération


«A sense of humour that pays homage to the best of surrealism and fantastic literature.» Susana Rosaro, Clarín


«Creates a world like no other, making Vecchio a kind of thaumaturge.» José Castello, O Globo


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By Diego Vecchio

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  • Bears

    NOVEL, 2010

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  • Microbes

    NOVEL, 2006

    In 1768, Samuel Auguste Tissot, a doctor and confidante of Rousseau, the author of famous treatise on onanism, published another entitled The Health of the Men of Letters, in which he tried to...

  • Egocides: Macedonio Fernández and the Destruction of the Self

    ESSAY, 2003

    Macedonio Fernández believed that literature is an encounter between a reader who doesn't read with an author who doesn't write. I.e: a misunderstanding in which author and reader end up...

  • Historia Calamitatum

    NOVEL, 2000

    Historia calamitatum is the title of a letter that Abelardo wrote to a friend to describe his "de-testiculation'. Like all letters, it has an addressee, Eloísa, thus beginning a celebrated...

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