• Farewell to the Revolution

    NOVEL, 2019

    Francisco Ángeles

    Emilio, a Peruvian immigrant living in Philadelphia is a professor at a prestigious university who has a passionate affair with Sophia, a young upper class student seduced by his compelling...

  • The Purest Storm


    Fernanda García Lao

    The stories in this book will appeal to intrepid readers ready to immerse themselves in a form of writing that makes no concessions to realism or pre-established formats. A writer who makes love...

  • An ideal presence

    NOVEL, 2017

    Eduardo Berti

    Doctors, interns, nurses, carers and orderlies but also beauticians, musicians and readers...          At the hospital each of them takes turns describing their...

  • Simple, Healthy Cooking

    COOKING, 2019

    Inés & Simone Ortega

    Inés Ortega and Marina Rivas present the latest instalment in the ‘1080 New Cooking Ideas' series: a modern recipe book of simple, healthy and affordable cooking. Showing what can be...

  • Los desesperados

    NOVEL, 2018.

    Joselo Rangel

    Los Desesperados could be the next big thing in Mexican rock music, all they need is a little luck and for the asteroid headed towards the Earth to change course. Amid parties, gigs, heartbreak,...

  • Guayacanal

    NOVEL, 2019

    William Ospina

    In Guayacanal - the name of the farm around which family life revolved -William Ospina tells the story of his great grandparents, grandparents and Padua, his place of birth, and its surroundings...

  • The Freedom to Be Who I Am

    NON FICTION, 2019

    Pilar Sordo

    Freedom is something that humanity has yearned for since the dawn of time. Can we be truly free? Does freedom mean doing whatever we want? How is our freedom affected by that of...

  • I’m sick of you

    SELF-HELP, 2019

    Walter Riso


  • Strategies

    NON FICTION, 2016

    Adrián Paenza

    What’s the best strategy to win a contract? How about one for a stable relationship? What’s the best way to get a job when you’re up against several different candidates? Or the...

  • Prose theory

    NON FICTION, 2019

    Ricardo Piglia

    When in 2016, the Ricardo Piglia Archive was sent to Princeton University, it was found to contain recordings of the seminar on the short novels of Juan Carlos Onetti that he gave at the...

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