• It Happened in the Rain

    POETRY, 2014

    Isidoro Blaisten

    "I see the poetic moment as a flash in the dark: you can't spend your whole life saying hello to people in the lift, paying your taxes and pontificating about the state of the country. Life is...

  • Leyra


    Pablo De Santis

    Leyra is a new student at the Témpore Institute, an art school for girls that specializes in drawing. There, she develops her skills as an illustrator and takes part in a competition that...

  • Pizzeria Vesubio

    NOVEL, 2018

    Walter Riso

    A recipe for an unforgettable novel: Take some family dough, knead by hand and add the following ingredients in generous quantities: love, humour, secrets, betrayal, nonsense, minor dramas and...

  • Look at Me

    NOVEL, 2018

    Antonio Ungar

    «A new family has moved in opposite: flat 21, fifth floor on Rue C. They arrived on Monday. They're dark-skinned. Indians, Arabs or Gypsies. They have a daughter.» Thus begins the...

  • The Extinction of the Species

    NOVEL, 2017

    Diego Vecchio

    A FINALIST IN THE 35TH HERRALDE PRIZE FOR THE NOVEL Having been bequeathed a legacy by Sir James Smithson, Zacharias Spears founds a museum to exhibit the latest specimens sent back from...

  • The Singing Charrito


    Elena Poniatowska

    In Santa Isabel Tola there is an aqueduct that people say is full of tears: all the water that runs along it came from La Llorona. This is where Fernando Alonso lives. His father has shot himself...

  • Teach to Feel, Feel to Teach

    NON FICTION, 2017

    Pilar Sordo

    Over the last thirty years, the world has changed unimaginably. Our perception of relationships, health, communication, environmental awareness and the demands that work and businesses place on...

  • Future Maths

    NON FICTION, 2017

    Adrián Paenza

    Did you know that it's perfectly possible for you to start your car remotely - regardless of where you are - and ‘ask it' to come pick you up, take you wherever you want go and then drive...

  • Death Laid Bare in Havana

    NOVEL, 2017

    Hernán Rivera Letelier

    The son of a wealthy businessman from Antofagasta disappears without a trace in Havana after being accused of murder. When the Cuban police fail to find him, at the suggestion of an enigmatic...

  • Hanka 753

    NOVEL, 2017

    Alejandro Parisi

    Poland, 1939. Little Hanka lives with her six siblings and her father until the day that the Germans invade and her world changes forever. Locked away in her house in the ghetto, at just nine...

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