• Colombian Psycho

    NOVEL, 2021

    Santiago Gamboa

    « The word that best defines this violent, bereft republic is orphanhood. And what each of us truly is, deep down, is what we all want to conceal. » Following the shocking discovery...

  • Incredible Mathematics

    NON FICTION, 2021

    Adrián Paenza

    Maths is present in every second of every day of our lives and can even help us to take difficult decisions. But it is also capable of piquing our curiosity, of amazing and dazzling us like back...

  • The Kidnapping of Sister Tegualda

    NOVEL, 2021

    Hernán Rivera Letelier

    The only private detective in the city of Antofagasta is faced with his most personal case yet: after discovering his true feelings for Sister Tegualda in Havana, someone has decided to take their...

  • Death will Come and Shall Have Your Eyes


    Magela Baudoin

    This book offers stories of siblings and families riven by resentment and misunderstandings in spite of the love they have for one another... girl survivors, rebellious women, hawkers of magical...

  • The Ghost of the British Invasions


    Claudia Piñeiro

    The story of the British invasions of Buenos Aires told from the point of view of a ghost of a young man from the time. An original approach that also establishes a dialogue with online culture....

  • A Thief Among Us


    Claudia Piñeiro

    An extraordinary event has disrupted the school's routine: a series of thefts in classroom 4A. The teacher is stunned, she can't think which of her pupils might be the thief. In this brilliant,...

  • How much is a Refrigerator? and other Plays

    THEATER, 2021

    Claudia Piñeiro

    This book brings together six plays written by Claudia Piñeiro; three comedies and three dramas. Half a dozen stories about ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary situations...

  • A Blinding Light

    NOVEL, 2021

    Viviana Rivero

    Is it possible for a couple to live happily in love when they come from two starkly different cultures? It's 2014 and the bloody civil war rages in Syria. Álvaro Sánchez, an...

  • Secrets at dawn

    NOVEL, 2021

    Gabriela Exilart

    Gijón, Spain, 1956. María de la Paz Noriega is determined to uncover the secret origins of her father, Bruno Noriega. All she has to go on is an old note from the civil war. Her...

  • The Beast We Inhabit. A Járcor Case

    NOVEL, 2021

    Bef, Bernardo Fernández Bernardo Fernández, Bef ,

    Mexico City, November 2019 The Beast We Inhabit. A Járcor Case The leader of the Constanza Cartel, Lizzy Zubiaga: behind bars. Her nemesis, Detective Andrea Mijangos: disappeared. But in...

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