Osvaldo Bayer

ARGENTINA, 1927 - 2018

Osvaldo Bayer read History at the University of Hamburg between 1952 and 1956. Back in Argentina he devoted himself to journalism and historical research, and to writing film scripts. He was persecuted for the book and film La Patagonia rebelde, and was forced to leave Argentina in 1975 for exile in Berlin. He returned to Buenos Aires in 1983. His career as a defender of human rights in Argentina has earned him the recognition of countless institutions the world over. In 2001 he published his first novel Rainer & Minou, the story of a tortuous love between the son of an SS nazi leader responsible of Auschwitz, and the young daughter of a couple of German Jewish refugees in Argentina. An impossible love exposed to a society that cannot yet quite understand the past. A romantic and liric novel, which will grip the reader’s attention from the beginning to the end.

© Daniel Mordzinski

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By Osvaldo Bayer

  • En camino al paraíso

    NON FICTION, 1999.

  • Hope and rebellion

    NON FICTION, 1993.

    When Osvaldo Bayer writes of rebellion, he is also highlighting the violence of oppression. From his two bases of Buenos Aires and Berlin, Bayer consistently explores the problems and dreams of...

  • Fútbol argentino

    NON FICTION, 1990.

  • Ventana a Plaza de Mayo

    NON FICTION, 2006.

  • Los anarquistas expropiadores

    NON FICTION, 2003

    In early twentieth-century Argentina, anarchist expropriators employed direct, violent means to fund their movement. They used the proceeds to bankroll the production of books, newspapers, and...

  • Rainer & Minou

    NOVEL, 2001

  • Rebellious Patagonia

    NON FICTION, 1974

    La Patagonia rebelde (Rebellious Patagonia) provides testimony to the vicious repression and massacre of workers by the army during the Patagonian strikes of 1921. It is also a harsh exposure of...

  • Severino di Giovanni

    NON FICTION, 1970

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