Borges, Life and Literature

Alejandro Vaccaro


A grand, Borgesian encyclopaedia, essential reference material, a definitive biography. Borges, Life and Literature can be described in many different ways and they're all just as valid as each other. What Alejandro Vaccaro has written is a book designed to play a central role in the universe of one of the most important writers of all time. A painstaking, detailed volume about the writer's times and travels across the world drawing on an exquisite trove of documents, many of which have never been published before: newspaper articles, magazines, interviews and personal conversations with members of his subject's inner circle. It was a nigh-on titanic task executed with a unique sensibility that is by no means a cold recitation of facts and dates based on dry sources. Far from the exegesis that one often sees written about the great writers, Vaccaro has produced a living text that has successfully negotiated the difficult task of setting aside ideological and aesthetic considerations, instead concentrating on delighting his readers. The result is a wonderful journey on which Borges emerges as both the genius he was and a man all too human.


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