The Flight of the dragonfly

NOVEL. PRH, 2023. 335 PAGES.

A mother living on another plane, a chest with a secret and a name spur Clara to set out to explore her past. The ship Monte Cervantes takes her down to the end of the world to find an anarchist locked up for political reasons in a prison on Ushuaia.
A shipwreck, a crime and a meeting with a man of Yagan heritage will put her courage to the test. Nothing will be easy, she will be pointed at, accused of crimes, humiliated and have to prove her innocence. But in that beautiful, frozen landscape Clara will discover where she comes from, and perhaps even true love.
The Flight of the Dragonfly is a moving historic romance with enchanting touches of magical realism that tells the story of a woman's resilience following the wreck of the Monte Cervantes in the freezing waters of the Beagle Canal.


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