Future Maths

Adrián Paenza


Did you know that it's perfectly possible for you to start your car remotely - regardless of where you are - and ‘ask it' to come pick you up, take you wherever you want go and then drive back home on its own? Or that there are robots who know how to cross the street and computers that ‘lie', compose music, paint paintings and write novels? Of course, none of these revolutionary leaps happened by magic; underneath it all is a whole bunch of maths. In this book, Adrián Paenza brings it to the surface.
Programs that can win thousands of hands of poker, or predict with a high degree of accuracy what you'll be doing in a little while; geometry without equations; problems in 140 characters and opinion polls drawing on a small sample group. You'll find all this and much more in these pages, together with the all-time classics.
Once again, Paenza shows that our reasoning can be trained like a muscle, this time solving problems related to cutting edge technology and artificial intelligence. And this is just the beginning!


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