The New Old Age

Pacho O'Donnell


Reaching old age isn't a privilege we all get to enjoy, but thanks to recent scientific advances more and more people are finding that it's a period of life that can be especially creative, dynamic, erotic and happy (unless they're struggling through poverty). More so, perhaps, than any other.
That is why it is necessary to combat ageism, a social prejudice that presents a gloomy vision of old age; and it is just as important to absorb the inevitable changes and losses to which the years expose us with equanimity. If we regard old age as simply another step, like child- and adulthood, that must be faced with wisdom and serenity, these can be wonderfully rewarding years. A time to be celebrated and grateful for, when we can relive our triumphs and enjoy having overcome the obstacles in our way, one in which we can allow ourselves to be surprised, embark upon new activities and focus on love, discarding any baggage of negative feelings that may have built up over time. We should relish our loved ones and make the most of the free time we didn't think we had before, as though we had anything more important to do!
In this book, Pacho O'Donnell shares a set of ideas, stories and thoughts about a period he is going through himself, well aware of its challenges but also with a determinedly vital outlook founded in the belief that with love, friendship, fun, commitment and lucidity, it is possible to make this the best stage of our lives.


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