The Diaries of Emilio Renzi. A Day in the Life


A Day in the Life is the final volume of The Diaries of Emilio Renzi, a triumphant culmination to the literary oeuvre of one of the most important Latin American writers of the modern age. This final volume completes Piglia's self-portrait written from the point of view of his alter ego. It presents a journey through a creative life and an exploration of literature and its mechanisms, featuring examinations of a wide variety of texts. It also portrays social encounters, films, the turbulent politics of Argentina and his work as a professor in the United States... A Day in the Life is divided into three parts: Part One, ‘The Plague Years', consists of the final section of Renzi's diaries dated between 1976 and 1982. Part Two, ‘A Day in the Life', is a third person account of Renzi's life, while Part Three, ‘Undated Days', is a collection of notes from the author's final years, providing descriptions of moments of happiness, his final class at Princeton and the gradual but devastating progress of the disease that would eventually bring an end to his life. Thus ends the Emilio Renzi's literary adventure. In his final literary act, Ricardo Piglia has left behind a set of diaries that are destined to become a classic of literature in Spanish whose first two volumes have been universally praised by readers and critics from across the world.
"A central pillar of Piglia's literary work... Piglia's writing is increasingly sharp and demanding, flitting between power and irony, analysis and confession, sociability and creative reclusion."

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