One Hit Wonder

Joselo Rangel


A rock enthusiast who offers a revealing glimpse of the hidden side of the music world. Girlfriends conspiring in the shadows to make their boyfriend's band famous, even though he and his friends aren't sure about their methods. Couples at a crossroads with an uncertain future. Men convinced that their destiny is to be a porn star.

On the one hand, these stories portray the world of underground musicians struggling to make the public aware of their work -a path full of highs and lows; success, confusion, and apparently impossible challenges- on the other, they recount episodes in which the characters discover that their hopes are just dreams from which one must wake up, and that life is much tougher, more incomprehensible and pitiless than any of us would like to admit.

This book introduces us to a new facet of Joselo Rangel's creative output. He is a restless artist, great reader, ingenious storyteller and, above all, a narrator with an acute eye whose prose slides easily between the everyday and the extraordinary. This is a storyteller who amazes us with weird logic and insane possibilities but who also makes us laugh with his wit and irreverence.

"A hugely enjoyable book from beginning to end."

Juan Villoro


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