No one sings anymore

Manuela Espinal Solano

NOVEL. PRH, 2023. 128 PAGES.

In a way similar to Natalia Ginzburg, Espinal Solano finds gold in the human condition; a family lexicon full of music, showbusiness and a yearning for the bright lights combined with everyday domestic life and familial catchphrases. Underneath it all lies intimacy, raw human truths, and tenderness.
No One Sings Anymore portrays the past and present of a family that has dedicated its life to popular music and showbusiness. This book opens the doors onto a home in which the characters do their everyday chores still bathed in the glow of glitter and sequins glinting in the spotlight. Manuela Espinal Solano's writing offers a glimpse into the human condition, drawing on raw memories, and a little fiction, in the quest to stave off oblivion for a little longer.


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