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A journalist whose work in newspapers, magazines, radio and television is well known, Daniel Balmaceda, in addition to being interested in the present, is also a passionate student of the past, recovering bygone scenes and anecdotes and narrating them with ingenuity and truthfulness.The titles, and especially the subtitles, of his work clearly demonstrate his ironic style, one which the reader can easily relate to: Espadas y corazones. Pequeñas delicias de héroes y villanos de la historia argentina (Swords and Hearts. Small Delights of Heroes and Villains in Argentinean History) and Oro y espadasDesde que Pedro de Mendoza se instaló en Buenos Aires por culpa de un loco hasta cinco minutos antes de mayo de 1810 (Gold and Swords: From the time when Pedro de Mendoza settled in Buenos Aires because of a madman to five minutes before May 1810) are eloquent examples of the rigor and sense of humor of an author who is not only a permanent lifetime member of the Argentinean Society of Historians and president of the Christopher Columbus Foundation but also a master narrator and wise interpreter of the most glorious and mysterious pages of history.

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By Daniel Balmaceda

  • Belgrano

    NON FICTION, 2019

    The definitive biography of the great Argentine founding father Manuel Belgrano. A book full of new anecdotes and information that offer a clearer picture of his private life and shine new...

  • Qué tenían puesto

    NON FICTION, 2018

  • La comida en la historia argentina

    NON FICCIÓN, 2016

    La comida en la historia argentina revisa mitos y leyendas en torno al origen de gran variedad de alimentos, desde las empanadas y las hamburguesas hasta el chivito y el locro, pasando por todo...

  • Stars from the Past

    NON FICTION, 2014

    In Stars from the Past, we see San Martín ask a coquettish older woman to dance at a party, Belgrano leading three hundred men far from the hell of Vilcapugio, Sarmiento putting on a wig,...

  • The History of Words

    NON FICTION, 2011

    Daniel Balmaceda merges his two passions in this book: history and words. Every word has a suprising anecdote in his origins. The hitory of words is the story of our lives. That is the reason why...

  • The Unauthorized Biography of 1910

    NON FICTION, 2010

    Balmaceda immerses himself in the year of the country's centenary to tell in his accessible, engaging style the incredible stories that took place during the lavish celebrations, including the...

  • Incredible Stories from Argentine History

    NON FICTION, 2009

    Argentine history is full of incredible characters and situations and who better than Daniel Balmaceda to dig up and share these amazing tales in his warm, rigorous prose? San Martín is...

  • Historias insólitas de la historia Argentina

    NON FICTION, 2008

  • Romances turbulentos de la historia argentina

    NON FICTION, 2007


  • Gold and Swords

    NON FICTION, 2006

    If a technological genius were ever to invent a time machine, the journalist and historian Daniel Balmaceda would be its most frequent user. He'd never stop accumulating time miles researching...

  • Hearts and Swords

    NON FICTION, 2004

    After many nights studying hard at the Library of Congress, exhaustively reading different letters, memories and files, Daniel Balmaceda has published Espadas y corazones (Hearts and Swords),...

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