Francisco Ángeles

Perú, 1977

Francisco Ángeles is a writer, critic, journalist and professor. He has published four novels: La línea en medio del cielo (The Line Through the Sky, 2008); Austin, Texas 1979 (2014); Plagio (Plagiarism, 2016) and  Adiós a la revolución (Farewell to the revolution, 2019) as well as the story collection Hollywood en doble función (A Hollywood Double Feature, 2015) co-authored with Fernando Ampuero and the visual artist Jugo Gástrico. Over the last decade he has regularly contributed to major Peruvian media outlets; written over a hundred reviews and interviews; founded the literary website Porta9, the first to regularly promote interviews with Spanish-language writers on the internet; published academic works in journals in the United States, Spain, Colombia and Peru, and since 2005 has been co-editor of the literary magazine El Hablador. In 2011 he received the Benjamin Franklin Fellowship from the University of Pennsylvania where he spent five years writing a doctorate thesis on Latin American guerrillas in the second half of the 20th Century. He currently lives in Philadelphia, where he gives classes in literature and Latin American culture at Bryn Mawr College.

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By Francisco Ángeles

  • Farewell to the Revolution

    NOVEL, 2019

    Emilio, a Peruvian immigrant living in Philadelphia is a professor at a prestigious university who has a passionate affair with Sophia, a young upper class student seduced by his compelling...

  • Austin, Texas 1979

    NOVEL, 2014

    A man has just separated from his wife. Distraught, he starts therapy. One afternoon, in the doctor's waiting room, he meets Adriana, a supposed patient who turns out to be a manipulative young...

  • The Line Through the Sky

    NOVEL, 2008

    An old man who works at a funeral home, a group of conspirators who aren't sure whether they're really conspirators or not, a doctor who tells stories about disappearances before disappearing...

  • Plagiarism

    FICTION, 2016

    Peru is suffering under the most corrupt regime in its recent history. In the gardens of a university, two men, driven by a series of readings and unsatisfied desires, plan a death. But not just...

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