Óscar Contardo

CHILE, 1974

He is a journalist. He studied at the University of Chile, specializing in culture and society. In 2005 he co-wrote La era ochentera: TV pop y under en Chile de los 80 (The 80s era: Pop TV in Chile in the 80s, Ediciones B) a collection of articles that exceeded all sales and critical expectations. One of his articles was published in the anthology Crónicas de Otro Planeta (Random House Mondadori), a collection of the best articles published in the magazine Gatopardo. He currently works for the newspaper El Mercurio.

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By Óscar Contardo

  • Rebaño

    NON FICTION, 2018

  • La era ochentera

    CHRONICLE, 2005

  • Santiago capital

    NON FICTION, 2012

  • Weird. A Chilean gay story

    NON FICTION, 2011

    This is a weird book, a book about a weird topic which tries to see what is left behind the official story. This is not a book about a minority, an isolated group. This is the reflection of a...

  • Siútico

    NON FICTION, 2008

    In 2008 Oscar Contardo published Siútico: arribismo, abajismo y vida social en Chile (Pretension: class ambition, snobbery and society in Chile , Vergara). It spent a year on the best...

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