Óscar Contardo

CHILE, 1974

He is a journalist. He studied at the University of Chile, specializing in culture and society. In 2005 he co-wrote La era ochentera: TV pop y under en Chile de los 80 (The 80s era: Pop TV in Chile in the 80s, Ediciones B) a collection of articles that exceeded all sales and critical expectations. One of his articles was published in the anthology Crónicas de Otro Planeta (Random House Mondadori), a collection of the best articles published in the magazine Gatopardo. He currently works for the newspaper La Tercera and the magazine Caras.

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By Óscar Contardo

  • Middle class

    NON FICTION, 2022

  • Before October Arrives

    ESSAY, 2020

    An urgent, masterful text by the journalist Óscar Contardo analyzing the most significant moments in the history of Chile in the past thirty years. IT'S NOT THIRTY PESOS, IT'S THIRTY...

  • Rebaño

    NON FICTION, 2018

  • La era ochentera

    CHRONICLE, 2005

  • Santiago capital

    NON FICTION, 2012

  • Weird. A Chilean gay story

    ESSAY, 2011

    This is a weird book, a book about a weird topic which tries to see what is left behind the official story. This is not a book about a minority, an isolated group. This is the reflection of a...

  • Siútico

    NON FICTION, 2008

    In 2008 Oscar Contardo published Siútico: arribismo, abajismo y vida social en Chile (Pretension: class ambition, snobbery and society in Chile , Vergara). It spent a year on the best...

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