Before October Arrives

Óscar Contardo


An urgent, masterful text by the journalist Óscar Contardo analyzing the most significant moments in the history of Chile in the past thirty years.

IT'S NOT THIRTY PESOS, IT'S THIRTY YEARS, one of the iconic slogans of the October Revolution takes on new meaning in this urgent, masterful text by the journalist Óscar Contardo. Drawing on his incisive memories of the main events that have occurred in the country over the past thirty years, the author delves beyond the figures and statistics to deliver a brilliant albeit brutal account that encompasses all the different pieces of the puzzle of transition: a journey to an unknown destination on which the country embarked with enthusiasm initially before disillusionment gradually built into the explosion of rage seen on 18 October, 2019.
The oasis where we supposedly lived turned out to be a swamp, a cess pit where frustration and resentment flourished to the point that it couldn't be expressed in any other way. Like a white noise we refuse to pay attention to, the public sector was progressively worn down, cities were aggressively segregated, systematically unjust, shameless practices became the norm, institutions were wholly corrupted, cruel class warfare was waged and a culture based on consumption and banality was promoted, all confirming that Chile has never ceased to be a fund administered by a class totally cut off from the real lives of the majority of Chileans.


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