Tender is the Flesh

Agustina Bazterrica


A virus that initially spreads among animals proves deadly to humans, turning the world into a grey, cynical and inhospitable place. Society is divided between those who eat and those who are eaten.

This is an important, powerful novel depicting a nightmarish future in which cannibalism has become legitimate across most of the world thanks to a virus among animals that is deadly to humans. Where is the room for humanity when the bodies of the dead are burned to prevent them from being eaten? What relationships might one forge when we really are what we eat? This is a pitiless dystopia; as brutal as it is subtle, as allegorical as it is realist.

The New York Times Review

The Guardian Review

Clarín Article

The Washington Post: best science fiction, fantasy and horror books of 2020

"This book will pull you in, take hold, and not let go until you reach the final page-perhaps far longer than that. Without a doubt, my favorite read of this year." 

Christina Dalcher, author of Vox

  "At what price is a world without animals viable? That's the question posted by Argentinian author Agustina Bazterrica.... With an artfulness perfectly calibrated with irony, [she] presents an astounding portrait of a humanity ready to do anything to satisfy itself, even at its own expense.

Le Monde


"Heiress to Orwell, the Argentinian author deploys a voice as vivid as it is chilling. In an increasingly dehumanized world, she pushes us to a dizzying reflection on violence, love, [and] power.

Livres Hebdo  


"A biting and uncompromising expression of what happens daily in our society."

La Nación

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