Winter Journal

Paul Auster


In this book, Paul Auster, the prolific creator of unforgettable characters and fictions, turns his gaze back on himself. In his previous memoir Hand to Mouth he recalled his years as a young apprentice writer but Winter Journal is motivated by the arrival of the first signs of old age and features episodes drawn from throughout his life so far.

Stories follow one another: a childhood accident playing baseball, the discovery of sex, adolescent masturbation and his first sexual experience with a prostitute, his memories of his parents, a car accident in which his wife was hurt, a presentation in Arles in the revered company of Jean-Louis Trintignant, stories about his grandparents, his first two failed marriages and his current long-term happy marriage, watching an old thriller on television and the thoughts it inspires, visits to Siri's family, journeys, trips, snow, the passing and ravages of time, becoming aware that his body is ageing...

This is a clear attempt at piecing together the puzzle of a life through experiences, sensations and memories. It is a masterful self-portrait drawn with the passion, exhilarating literary creativity and vivid prose that have become the writer's hallmarks, beloved by readers and critics alike.    

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