Travels in the Scriptorum

Paul Auster


An old man is disoriented in an unknown chamber and has no memory about who he is or how he has arrived there. He tries to understand something from the relics on the desk, examining the circumstances of his confinement and searching for reasons and a method to exit.

Determining that he is locked in, the man -identified only as Mr. Blank- begins reading a manuscript he finds on the desk, the story of another prisoner, set in an alternate world the man doesn't recognize. Nevertheless, the pages seem to have been left for him, along with a haunting set of photographs.

As the day passes, various characters call on the man in his cell -vaguely familiar people, some who seem to resent him for crimes he can't remember- and each brings frustrating hints of his identity and his past. All the while an overhead camera clicks and clicks, recording his movements, and a microphone records every sound in the room. Someone is watching.    

PUBLISHED BY: Spanish BOOKET | Basque ALBERDANIA | Catalan EDICIONS 62 | Galician GALAXIA | Portuguese ASA

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