Eduardo Berti


At the relaxed pace that Fangio describes as the ideal speed, Eduardo Berti casts a net of profound, carefully disordered memories in an original, nostalgic coming of age tale. 

Buenos Aires in the late seventies. A pair of teenage Beatles fans head to the outskirts of the city to a Mercedes dealership in search of a Formula 1 legend: Juan Manuel Fangio, ‘el Chueco’. It is a day that will change their lives forever. A relaxed personal memoir and engaging fragmentary autobiography, Faster is a collection of brief vignettes in which Fangio and the Beatles (George Harrison, especially) prove the catalysts for a cascade of memories. Writing in the tradition of Georges Perec, Eduardo Berti delves into his memories, reflecting on the pace of car races and life (the pace Harrison referred to in his song ‘Faster’), friendship, hero-worship and the excitement of that exquisite moment when we choose a fate very different from the one our parents might have expected, or wanted, for us. 

“An original collection of memories full of empathy and longing about teenage dreams and the bonds of friendship to a backdrop of zooming race cars and Beatles songs.”


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