The Chinese Typewriter

Eduardo Berti


People carrying strange objects on their bicycles, street vendors selling insect skewers, labyrinthine shopping centres, jammed motorways and the discovery at a flea market of an old, incomprehensible Chinese typewriter are just some of the scenes from contemporary Chinese life portrayed in this book: a nigh-on magical combination of a modern, transformational society (the so-called ‘power of the future') with mysterious, ancient tradition.

Eduardo Berti has been on three trips to China, spending several months in Xi'An and Peking together with his wife and son. Now an almost invisible foreigner, like a boy experiencing a new world for the first time Berti presents a chronicle of an East that is both near and far, reminding us that "We travel, among other things, to keep alive our sense of wonder, to remind ourselves of the richness of the world and the variety of man. To have the kind of experience that one usually only finds in books and fiction."


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