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GARDEL is an appropriately masterful biography of a brilliant artist. An extraordinarily detailed study written with Felipe Pigna's customary skill, it tells the story of a unique musician who lived a fascinating life full of glory, tragedy, talent, unforgettable stories and soul music. As the author writes in his introduction: ‘I was very keen to tell this story, which is also perhaps the story of Argentina between 1890 and 1935, focusing on Gardel, his life and work, and of course the history of tango. But most of all it is about what happened to us and the world during these crucial years. I find it fascinating to talk about the man who changed the course of tango history, which he did, the first "interpreter" of the form as he rightly called himself, which means the first to truly understand it, to really communicate and embody the poets' words. The first Argentinian in the 20th century to reach unprecedented levels of fame in Spain, France, the USA and almost all of Latin America.' Gardel addresses the mysteries of the life of the man who changed tango forever, an artist whose fame spread across the world when long distance communication was still patchy. It further portrays Gardel the actor, filming in Paris and New York, studying screenplays and creating melodies for the soundtracks, giving the best of himself for his audience every day. It also explores the popular myth, which was twisted into a psychosis with his sudden death, the odyssey of his body as it was carried through the Colombian jungle and the wakes in New York and Luna Park. This is the homage that the genius with the unforgettable smile and wink deserved.


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