Manuel Belgrano

Felipe Pigna


The official historical narrative has relegated Manuel Belgrano to the role of ‘creator of the national flag' so much so that the anniversary of his death will forever be associated with the patriotic symbol. For many years, this was a means of glossing over the thought and deeds of one of the most clear-thinking innovators and revolutionaries of Argentine history.

In this new book, Felipe Pigna makes a comprehensive study of Belgrano's eventful life both in public and private. In addition to his best known roles in the May Revolution and independence movement, other lesser known aspects of his life are also examined in full, especially his progressive ideas and the numerous battles he fought to put them into practice. Belgrano was the first person in Argentina to study and practice ideas related to the political economy, adapting them to local conditions and interests. He was the first to promote local industry and was a pioneer of journalism, a man with advanced cultural and educational ideas, and a defender of the rights of indigenous peoples; at a time when some were advocating the installation of a monarchy in the Río de la Plata region, he suggested crowning a descendant of the Incas.

Pigna's painstaking research and gripping style come together in these pages to present a distinctive portrait of Belgrano's public and private life. This new book is a masterful, dramatic vindication of an extraordinary man who never hesitated to give his life for his homeland with honesty, coherence, humility and love.


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