The Gang of Poles

Federico Jeanmaire


The Gang of Poles features an old kiosk owner known as Borges who regales with his theories about God and tales of his strange visions. In one of the latter he sees a gang of Poles, seven in number – not unlike Roberto Arlt’s seven madmen – who are assumed to be of Polish extraction because although they may have been born in the country, they look quite different from most of the locals.  

The seven Poles are a set of young men who, spurred on by Yesi – another Pole known as The Redhead for her distinctive hair and strikingly pale skin – decide they need to find a purpose in life: to do good and help others. So they go to the town church and convince the local priest – who in turn speaks to the bishop – to support their mission. They become known as the Wojtyla. However, this quest, manipulated from the start by Yesi, has an ulterior motive, a Machiavellian plan of revenge that centres on the secret of Yesi’s origins.  

Once again, Federico Jeanmaire, one of the most unique and brilliant writers on the Argentine literary scene, provides us with proof of his extraordinary talent.  


Review: Clarín

Review: Página 12

«Adventures, social background, intrigue and a humorous tone are the axes of the new novel by a narrator of varied register and sustained production.»


Mauro Libertella, Clarín



«The Gang of Poles may seem, at first glance, a simple and linear story, but appearances are the tricks of a seasoned conjurer who moves and stretches the shadows and lights of fiction with the dexterity of a master.»


Debret Viana, Página12


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