Inner Life

Federico Jeanmaire


Inner Life is a story of love and heartbreak that takes place across three days inside a hotel room in Oaxaca, Mexico, where a man and a woman have gone to take a decision about the future of their relationship. After they arrive, however, the woman gets sick and as she recovers in bed, the man embarks upon an essential inner journey.
The novel is narrated by the male protagonist in the third person, exploring but also distancing itself from reality in a prose with which Jeanmaire wrongfoots the reader with his simple, everyday language.
As in much of the prolific author's work, it features humour, irony and wordplay, but here there is the added element of the pace and tension of a crime novel.
In spite of its apparent simplicity, Inner Life is a profound examination of loneliness, our difficulties making a connection with other people and the violence that results from these barriers. Federico Jeanmaire thus puts up a mirror to the human condition, reflecting it in all of its complexity.
Inner Life won the Premio Emecé in 2008. The jury members were Ana María Shua, Rodolfo Rabanal and Pablo De Santis.


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