Margot at Lake Cardiel

Fabián Martínez Siccardi

NOVEL. PRH, 2023. 158 PAGES.

«Margot received him on a bed of blue and yellow flowers with an enormous smile, dressed only in a white tutu and ballet slippers.»
This is a Patagonian story. A novel set in an extremely remote part of the Province of Santa Cruz in the far south of South America, where the pace of life is determined by the wind and solitude. A young man, the nephew and grandson of European settlers, accompanies his Uncle Anselmo to sell basic supplies to the locals. There, he witnesses the tough, lonely life of workers like Reyes, originally from the south of Chile, whom he befriends. As the weeks pass, an unspoken violence begins to brew in their relationship, sparked by the arrival of Margot, one of the few women who light up the lives of the solitary men who live in these remote lands.
Fabián Martínez Siccardi returns to his favourite territory to share a powerful, nuanced story with autobiographical aspects that beautifully captures the cruel beauty of the enigmatic land known as Patagonia.


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