Lost in the Night

Fabián Martínez Siccardi


Luciano Capra is a translator from Buenos Aires with a tragic past in the United States. Rose is the mother of a young Californian woman who disappeared in Buenos Aires several weeks ago. A chance encounter brings them together in an intense search through a city of different languages and nationalities and legal and underground graffiti artists where the vestiges of a glorious past shine through the cracks left by constant urban reinvention.

Luciano is an intermediary between English and Spanish, contrasting universes and characters, reason and the madness that surrounds us. During his investigation he won't just try to find the lost girl but also find out what is happening to his own daughter in the United States.

Lost in the Night breathlessly constructs a precise whirlwind of a plot, interweaving the stories of two young women struggling like nocturnal butterflies on two different continents to find the light.

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A powerful plot that grips the reader right from the first page. Martínez Siccardi has written an enthralling story in charming prose while also reflecting on language, the feeling of foreignness and the relationship between parents and children, depicting the different worlds that coexist in Buenos Aires.

Claudia Piñeiro


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