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  • Black Ice

    NOVEL, 2011

    Bernardo Fernández, Bef Bef, Bernardo Fernández ,

    GRIJALBO NOVEL PRIZE 2011 Lizzy Zubiaga runs a prison in Constanza. Andrea Mijangos is a public attorney. Although they don't yet know it, they are tied together by bloody events with...

  • You Will See Me Fall

    NOVEL, 2013

    Ernesto Mallo

    Miguel Beltrán comes back to his country when it's being ruled by Carlos, a despicable, cheeky, clever and corrupt man decided to privatize everything. The story reveals shady and murky...

  • Sweet Money

    NOVEL, 2007

    Ernesto Mallo

    Superintendent Lascano is drawn into a war between the Buenos Aires Chief of Police and the Apostles, drug-dealing cops who want to control the city. When the Chief of Police is murdered Lascano...

  • Needle in the Haystack

    NOVEL, 2006

    Ernesto Mallo

    Lascano, a police captain deeply disturbed by the recent death of his wife, Marisa, receives a call: there are two bodies near the Riachuelo. At the scene of the crime, he finds a third corpse...

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