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Carolina Sanín Paz was born in Bogotá and earned a Ph. D. in Hispanic Literature from Yale University with a thesis on stories from the Middle Ages. Between 1998 and 2005, she lived in Barcelona where she worked as a translator for different publishers. She has taught literature at SUNY-Purchase College, the Universidad de Los Andes and the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. In 2019 she presented the performance Actos de la ignorancia (Acts of Ignorance) at the Salón Nacional de Artistas de Colombia and played the leading role in the film Litigante, directed by Franco Lolli, which opened the Semaine de la Critique at the Cannes Film Festival. She has written columns for El Espectador,, Semana Sostenible, Credencial, Vice, Arcadia and Cambio and the anthology Pasar fijándose (2021) is a collection of some of her best work in the genre. Since 2021 she has presented a talk show on Bogotá public television and currently gives classes in creative writing and courses in independent literature. Her previous works include novels, essays, short stories and writing for children. The Children was first published in Spanish in 2014 and is Sanín's first to appear in English.

Colombian Carolina Sanín is one of the most astute and uncomfortable thinkers in feminism today.

Babelia, El País


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By Carolina Sanín

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