The Sun

Carolina Sanín

NOVEL. PRH, 2022, 248 PAGES.

From the author of We Are Abysmal Lights, we present The Sun: a luminous, mysterious book that masterfully blurs the genres of essay, poetry and fiction.

‘Every living thing wants to see the next sun rise. They don’t simply want not to die, but to be reborn. Again, and again, to feel the sunlight and for the next day to be both new and the same. To transcend boundaries, not to arrive, but to start over.

‘I think that’s it. It casts a shadow over me because I don’t yearn for death but I don’t have the quiet enthusiasm of a cow, or the part I am capable of imagining: their living breath. Their belief that that they will be alive tomorrow. Their yearning belief. Their main driver from top to bottom: the Sun, which traverses its arc for them; rising from beneath the cow’s belly – a bridge – up above them, shining down on their straight back, their upper outline, their brilliant, comical straightforwardness, the rightness of the head and the tail, sublimely connected, a private horizon...’ 


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