Your Cross in the Empty Sky

Carolina Sanín


A book about love in all its forms. Neither fiction nor non-fiction, Your Cross in the Empty Sky tells the story of two people who connect across social networks. One is in Colombia, the other in China. They talk, write and see one another but the senses of touch and smell are barred to them. Neither fiction nor non-fiction, Your Cross in the Empty Sky is a treatise about the physical absence of a loved one. As she considers what it means to talk and meet with lovers in the time of social networks, the narrator draws comparisons and connections with Shakespeare, Dante, the Bible, Rulfo and many other references. Thus she invents a literary tradition for her lover, clothing them in the most delicate, sensitive and intelligent lover's garment imaginable. In the end, Your Cross in the Empty Sky is a profound, erotic novel, a book about desire that attempts to embody every aspect of the emotion.

Your Cross in the Desert Sky can also be a mystical poem, a hymn, a love treatise, a meditation and a  discourse, an essay. Or a mixture of all the genres we have forgotten to our loss and poverty.

Andrea Mejía, El Tiempo


Carolina Sanín, from the very first line, takes the reader in the flow of her brilliant digressions and self-analysis about her daily feelings, knotting with them an erudite, bestial and pornographic eroticism.

Margarita Rosa de Franciso, El Tiempo


Long live love, the love described by Carolina Sanín in Your Cross in the Desert Sky. That love that is platonic, that love that we seek and do not find, that love that is only possible at a distance.

Juliana Vargas, El Espectador


With Your Cross in the Desert Sky, Sanín has reached the final stage of this long and arduous process of stylistic singularization: an unmistakable prose.

Jerónimo Uribe Correa, Boletín Cultural y Bibliográfico


This novel is truly a reflection on writing, and as such it is also a beautiful journey through the texts that have best told the story of love: the Comedy, Romeo and Juliet, Othello, the Odyssey, the Bible.



Your Cross in the Desert Sky does not spare us any of the astonishment and pain that this new type of distant, but not at all cold, love is bringing us. It thus constitutes a chilling and at the same time endearing vision of a more than near future.

Babelia, El País


Your Cross in the Desert Sky is a tour de force, a literary bazaar where everything fits. [...] it is a classic of the future that, in the era of electronic simultaneity, reopens the genre of epistolary romance. It is also an updated testimony of the uses and customs behind the scenes of cultural life marked by globalization, training and professionalization. But it is also a book marked by anguish and that is why it is moving.

Quintín, Revista La Agenda





PUBLISHED BY: Colombia LAGUNA | Spain and Argentina BLATT & RÍOS | Mexico ALMADÍA | Spanish USA and English for the world CHARCO PRESS

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