Leopoldo Brizuela

ARGENTINA, 1963 - 2019

Leopoldo Brizuela was born in 1963 in La Plata, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. He studied literature at the University of La Plata. He is a novelist, poet and translator. His first novel, Tejiendo agua (Knitting Water), which he wrote when he was seventeen, won the Fortabat Prize in 1985. Inglaterra. Una fábula (England, a Fable) won the Clarín Prize for the Novel in 1999 and the Municipal Prize of the City of Buenos Aires and was published in several countries to excellent reviews in media such as Le Monde, El País and La Folha de São Paulo. He is also the author of the novella El placer de la cautiva (The Pleasure of Captivity, 2001), the story collection Los que llegamos más lejos (The Ones Who Got the Furthest, 2002) and the novel Lisboa. Un melodrama (Lisbon, a Melodrama, 2010). He has been a resident writer at the Banff Center For the Arts, Canada and the International Writing Program of the University of Iowa, and received a subsidy from the Gulbenkian Foundation of Lisbon to study Portuguese culture. He has translated Henry James, Flannery O’Connor and Eudora Welty, among other authors. He regularly wrote for the newspapers Clarín and La Nación, and coordinated creative writing workshops. His latest novel Una misma noche (The same night) won the Alfaguara prize for the novel in 2012.

"He was born a novelist. While reading him, from time to time I remembered

Onetti's best pages. But he is better as he masters the phrase even better."

Hector Bianciotti


"A masterful work full of spirit, an impassioned embrace of the world,

language and the great literary works that they create. A vast story,

historical novel and odyssey based in part on real events. A fable that admirably

goes straight to the heart of England's culture and empire." 

LE MONDE about England. A fable


"England. A fable is a complex and well built novel, generous

but also demanding with its readers. It is wide regards the materials

and subjects it addresses. With a plot carefully developed.

(...) this novel has been able to avoid lightness and simplicity"



By Leopoldo Brizuela

  • Ensenada. A Memory

    NOVEL, 2018

    Ensenada: a memoir is a novel about a girl who witnesses the rise and fall of Perón and the subsequent ban on Peronism. Poliya, an innocent, mischievous girl, and her family are present...

  • Onelli's Madness

    NOVEL, 2012

    Salvatore Onelli, adopted child of the Italian-Argentine naturalist and director of La Plata Zoo, decides to leave the town around 1932 when authorities do not let an Indian servant to...

  • The Same Night

    NOVELA, 2012

    ALFAGUARA NOVEL AWARD 2012 Early one morning in 2010, a writer becomes a chance witness to a robbery in a neighbouring house. This is not a typical robbery: it is carried out by an...

  • Lisbon. A melodrama

    NOVEL, 2010

    Lisbon, 1942. Portugal is about to enter the war. An arrival of cereal destined for the hungry of the city is expected, but the Argentine consul has decided to donate the entire shipment to the...

  • Los que llegamos más lejos


  • El placer de la cautiva

    SHORT NOVEL , 2000

  • England. A fable

    NOVEL, 1999

    CLARIN NOVEL PRIZE 1999 This fable begins at the close of the twentieth century, in the extreme south of the archipelago Tierra del Fuego, when a group of researchers on the island of Waichai...

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