Ensenada. A Memory

Leopoldo Brizuela


Ensenada: a memoir is a novel about a girl who witnesses the rise and fall of Perón and the subsequent ban on Peronism. Poliya, an innocent, mischievous girl, and her family are present for the events of 19 September 1955 when the navy threatened to bomb the YPF oil refinery in Ensenada, near the city of La Plata, if Perón did not resign from the presidency. The account of the subsequent flight is told by different members of the family - Poliya, Aunt Bebab, Tota, Gogo, and Toni, as well as their grandparents, neighbours and refinery workers in a wide ranging collage that evokes the flavours, smells and voices of a past that was both personal and collective: a shared, national experience.

It is also the story of two woman who don't fit it in trying to make a new, different life for themselves in a world made up of cultures and customs from different countries that merge together to form their own memory and identity.


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