10K, The stolen decade

Jorge Lanata


The title phrase isn’t just a reference to the corruption that was rampant throughout the Kirchnerist Administration; it also refers to a wasted opportunity: never have the conditions for growth in Argentina been better.

This may well be remembered as the Decade of Division: not since the fifties has the country experienced a schism that started out as political but became cultural; imaginary enemies were invented and the discourse grew more divorced from reality than ever. The extreme, hysterical mood that spread from the government to society in general has sparked paranoia and violent confrontation, alienating friends and families who feel that they must avoid discussing politics to keep the peace.

Jorge Lanata has written the book we were all waiting for, in which he shows how the government has fabricated a narrative to be defended by its fanatical followers with quasi-religious fervour in defiance of the actual facts. Examining some of the main events that occurred during the three Kirchner administrations, 10 K irrefutably shows that the distribution of income during the Menemist period has not changed the list of people who own Argentina but simply added a couple of residents of the south and one from Córdoba with the Judiciary and other branches of government always looking the other way. 


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