A Bird's Eye View

Marcela Serrano


The coming and going of birds, the joys and sorrows of life at seventy, a romantic break-up, conversations with her sisters during lockdown, societal changes in a country and world on fire, friends passing away, a rewarding relationship with her grandson, the interactions between the dogs at her house in the country and the revelation of reading the classics...

For three years, Marcela Serrano faithfully kept a handwritten diary. Full of fragility and enjoyment, her observations of the life and world around her show that real life can be just as adventurous as fiction. She assigned a theme to each year: everyday pleasures for the first, amazement for the second and sunlight for the third, making As the Bird Flies a new departure for her writing, documenting the experiences of a mature woman who has maintained her enthusiasm and curiosity about her place in the world.

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«Thanks to writers like Marcela Serrano, life will never have the last word.»

Carlos Fuentes


«Now she is the protagonist, in a non-fiction book, written with sensitivity, eloquence and frankness, that reads like a novel».



«The pages that are equivalent to three years of entries or brief writings, made in full pandemic, are full of life. In the "Notebook of Delights", the "Notebook of Amazement" and the "Notebook of the Sun" it seems to be all of it. Funny and scathing, thoughtful, full of wonder».



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