Ten Women

Marcela Serrano


Nine women -as different as they are unknown to each other- come together to share their stories before a tenth one. Completely convinced that the healing of wounds happens only when the chains of silence begin to break, this tenth woman, a therapist, decides to bring them together.

Regardless of their origin, social standing, age, and profession, they all carry a weight brought upon by fear, doubt, insecurity, and loneliness. Some face a past they cannot leave behind; others, a present that is opposed to what they wish for themselves, or a future that looms before them as a big black void of emptiness. They come against self-imposed or socially-accepted burdens aware that the only way to rid themselves of this weight is by taking charge of their lives, yet at peace with the knowledge that they don't stand alone and that, in the end, courage overcomes all.

Ten Women is a ‘fresco', a kaleidoscopic look at the contemporary troubles of women, exploring themes ranging from old age to lesbianism and classic problems with roles; as daughters, mothers and wives. The novel is based on the author's conviction that wounds can be healed through sharing and working together.       

"Her novels are shrewd and lucidly feminine. Reading Marcela Serrano

is like peering into the eyes of all the women in the world."

Arturo Pérez-Reverte

PUBLISHED BY: Spanish Worldwide ALFAGUARA | Arabic Worldwide BLOOMSBURY QATAR | Brazil OBJETIVA | China Central Compilation & Translation Press | Czech Republic HOST | English AMAZON CROSSING | Italy FELTRINELLI | Serbia MONO I MANJANA | The Netherlands ATLAS CONTACT |



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