White Bay

Martín Kohan


Martín Kohan's latest book is a surprising anti-novel; a contemporary take on Crime and Punishment with an ironic portrayal of murder and guilt. 

Mario Novoa, an Argentinian linguist, decides that he must escape to the far off city of Bahía Blanca to practice his new philosophy: thinking about something else, always being somewhere else and experimenting in the art of changing the subject. All his attempts to leave his tumultuous past behind him founder when he has a chance encounter in the remote city with an old friend, to whom he tells the whole story: Patricia left him for Luciano, who, soon afterwards, was murdered. Back in Buenos Aires, Mario becomes a Raskolnikov obsessed with the illusion of happiness; a seeker of well-being who is unable to understand the notion of failure.

This is a radical twist on what might have been a classic crime novel.      

PUBLISHED BY: Spanish worldwide ANAGRAMA | Arabic DAR AL WIHAR

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