Martín Kohan


A brutally gripping novel set during the Argentine dictatorship.

Three stories come together to form a whole. In 1941, in a provincial town in Argentina, a girl confesses her first sexual urges to a priest; they centre around a young man named Videla who passes by her window every day. In 1977 a group of young revolutionaries prepares a raid on an aerodrome whose objective is to eliminate that same Videla, now a notorious and powerful old man. Finally, an old woman - the girl from the first tale - plays a game of cards with her grandson who has come to visit her in her nursing home. Between each deal she tells him what happened to her son, the boy's father, in what effectively becomes a second confession. Three stories about pain, guilt and confession from different time periods are thus woven together into a single narrative.
This is a powerful, stunning and beautifully structured novel in which the author is able to get right to the heart of each of these tales based on the recent history of Argentina.

Interview on Babelia, El País

Clarín article

«He dazzles with his conception of blackness»

Marta Sanz, EL PAÍS


«An expertly structured, morally complicated, and surprisingly timely blend of fact and fiction.»


PUBLISHED BY: Spanish worldwide ANAGRAMA | English CHARCO PRESS | Arabic OSIRIS | Italy (non exclusive rights) MORLACCHI EDITORE

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