Out of Place

Martín Kohan


Fuera de lugar (Out of Place) takes place in different locations: the Andean foothills, the shore of the Rio de la Plata, the urban sprawl of Greater Buenos Aires, the Far East and a border. And also the Internet; the space of spaces. Of course, some characters move from one place to another and set out on adventures but that doesn't mean that they'll get any closer to the truth than the ones who stay in the same place. And that is because the logic of Out of Place is that of the diversion. The diversion: be it the perversions in the photos of children described at the beginning, or the lost wanderers portrayed at the end.

What is out of place in Out of Place? Partly it is an aberration: what shouldn't happen and yet does. Partly it is dislocation: the fatal way in which those most certain that they are following the right path err and get lost. And partly it is the way in which Martín Kohan makes use of the plot of this crime novel: acts and clues, facts and consequences always turning up somewhere they shouldn't, somewhere they're not expected, somewhere no-one thought to find them.

"He has a gift for coming up with perfectly natural dialogues.

Kohan writes with an elegantly light touch, paying great attention

to the rhythm. His words are measured and true. Impeccable writing."

Ernesto Calabuig, EL MUNDO


"Hypnotic prose. A writer in charge of his own literary universe and style.

A writer of unquestionable solidity."

Ricardo Baixeras, EL PERIÓDICO


"A writer of well-consolidated talent."

Ricardo Menéndez Salmón


"I prostrate myself at your feet, Mr Kohan."

Carlos Zanón, AVUI


PUBLISHED BY: Spanish worldwide ANAGRAMA | Bulgarian RIVA

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