The Dictionary of Imaginary Places

Alberto Manguel


In Ancient Times it seemed as though a whole universe stretched beyond the Pillars of Hercules, in which everything was possible, but today, when the last stretch of “terra incognita” has disappeared from our maps, those marvellous wastelands that held the possibility of fantastic buildings no longer exist. Only the imagination of men continues, as it has for centuries, to build places that do not fit in this world. Driven by a longing for the unknown, Alberto Manguel and Gianni Guadalupi have gathered together some of the most incredible of these fantastic creations, listed in alphabetical order. From Homer to Michael Crichton and J.K. Rowling, via Arthurian legend, the Thousand and One Nights, and the tales of Verne, Borges, Calvino, Chatwin and Rushdie, this guide includes almost a hundred maps, plans and illustrations, inviting the reader to enter into the suggestive terrain of fantastic literature. It also serves as a reference work, and contains an index of the authors and their bibliographies along with entries about each one.    

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