Senseless Surrender

Xavier Velasco


Rolling back the stone and raising your hand is the prerogative - seemingly more bestial than human - of the author of these letters.

Frank as an open vein, well-aware of the cruel complicity of their readers, these twenty-five letters run the whole gamut of emotions, from acerbic to charming, from adolescent love to score-settling and declarations of origins and principles. First and foremost, they share glimpses of dialogue with individual characters and groups, both abject and adorable, iconic and insignificant. But each recipient adds to the collection of themes that have obsessed Xavier Velasco throughout his career: his sentimental education in the basest of urges, hypocrisy, writing as both reason to live and a trap for the unsuspecting, and unconditional love for family, be it two or four-legged. The author's superb prose, talent for precise portraits and unbridled satire make this epistolary volume demonstrative of the fact that in the right hands a letter can be just as sharp and lethal as a letter-opener.


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