Strange and Pale Glow

Héctor Tizón

NOVEL. PRH, 1999. 208 PAGES

Every love story is also a story of loneliness. That desolation may be the great force that pushes us towards the most desperate acts. The protagonists of Strange and Pale Glow move in these waters: a man worn out by life and Clara.

In a provincial hotel, a man finds a letter that will change the course of his life. Juan Fernández, before taking his own life, leaves a testament of his love for Abigaíl. The two lovers know each other only through these letters. At that moment, the broken years of his life are left behind-his failed marriage, his disabled son, his innocent dreams of becoming a poet. This man becomes Juan Fernández to allow himself to love, perhaps, for the first time in his life.

Clara is a woman clinging to obedience and renunciation. She is the last link in a lineage of nobility fallen into disgrace. By chance, this epistolary exchange comes to her. Abigaíl does not exist: it is her opportunity to take her place and embark on the adventure of being someone else in order to love.



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