The Wounded Table

Laura Martínez Belli


Mexico, 1935.
After discovering that Diego Rivera has cheated on her with her sister Cristina, Frida Kahlo is plunged into a state of depression also related to her infertility. She draws on the pain to create ‘La mesa herida' (The Wounded Table), a large, enigmatic painting that years later will form part of the first ever exhibition of Mexican artists in the Soviet Union.

Moscow, 1947.
Olga, a Soviet bureaucrat living a quiet life dedicated to the Party rediscovers her passion for art when she comes across the Mexican artist's stunning work. However, her life will be turned upside down when she finds herself part of a mysterious plot to destroy the painting. How far is she willing to go to save the masterpiece?

Betrayal, physical danger, theft, forgery and art smuggling combine in this exciting emotional thriller inspired by real-life 20th century events that explores one of the great mysteries of Mexican art: the disappearance of a unique painting that has been lost for over half a century.



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