The Two Lives of Floria

Laura Martínez Belli


What would it be like if at every critical moment in our lives, when we are at our weakest and most vulnerable we needed to be planted in a pot to recover our vitality and energy?

In this short, attractive novel, magic enters into the house of the Alacids, an old, childless couple, when their faithful cook becomes mysteriously pregnant after eating a flower. Floria, a half plant-half human being, will invigorate the inhabitants of the house, from Antónima, her mother who is desperate to show the child a world beyond her reach, to Nicolás, a young doctor who lives next door and is constantly conflicted about whether to follow his instincts or take the rational path. Floria will become a kind of fairy tale character, as beautiful and sensual as she is insecure, fearful of what fate has in store for her. This is a story about magic, mystery and fear of the unknown, which tells of the joys and trials of motherhood and how it can change us from our deepest roots upwards.

This novel is an emotional, exciting read, which highlights the best of magical realism, combining equal measures of reality and fantasy.     

"I loved your book, Laura, was a discovery, had a few months

reading things I did not like and suddenly Floria!

It is smart, original, great! I congratulate you."

Carmen Posadas


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