A Moment’s Courage

Pilar Sordo


Free yourself of the toxic situations in which you're trapped and dare to make the changes you need.

We've all, at certain moments in our lives, felt paralyzed by the situation we're in. We know we don't want to be there, that we need to make a change - we often even have a very good idea of what we need to do - but we don't dare take the plunge. But once the veil is lifted there's no more ignoring the toxic relationship in which we're trapped, the job that no longer has any meaning for us, the food that's damaging our health or even the unjust social system all around us: we see it for what it is and although we might like to slip back into denial, it can't happen. It might be scary, it might make your head spin, but a moment's courage is all you need to make a change that will set you on the path to loving yourself once more and rediscovering your inner peace.
This wonderful book was inspired by the many messages Pilar receives on her social networks. It is based around our need for change, so we can grow, become more mindful, more free, find greater peace or simply be happier.


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