Sofia the Soothsayer

Gioconda Belli


At the age of seven, little Sofia gets lost in a crowd while her parents are having a heated argument, leaving her home at the gypsy camp. Although fate provides her with some nice parents and a new world, it also forces her to suffer many painful situations and the patriarchal tyranny of René, a husband who holds her back, depriving her of her freedom.

Protected by beings possessed of ancient wisdom, Sofia's gypsy blood and rebelliousness impose themselves through traditional rights and ceremonies that lead her back to her roots and, eventually, to the love of her life.

Sofía de los presagios (Sofia the Soothsayer) invites us into the magical world of one of the great fiction writers of our time. As she did with La Mujer Habitada (The Inhabited Woman), Gioconda Belli has created a fascinating female character guided by her instincts in the midst of a literary universe loaded with sensuality, eroticism and femininity.


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