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The son of a dreamer and a schoolteacher, Sergio Álvarez has combined his love of books with vivid real-life and literary adventures. He worked in advertising, television and cinema before finally writing La lectora (The Reader), his first novel. Published by RBA and Alfaguara, La lectora (The Reader) won the Silverio Cañada prize during the Semana Negra de Gijón, was sold into various different languages and it was adapted for the cinema. He then dedicated ten years of research, writing and travel to 35Muertos (35Dead), a novel that, through an infinity of tales and characters, tells the story of Columbia in recent decades. It is a powerful, uncompromising book that even unfinished has already been acquired by various European publishers. In between La lectora (The Reader) and 35Muertos (35Dead), he wrote Mapaná, (Alfaguara Columbia) an unusual children's book. A veritable Horacio Quiroga for the twenty-first century.

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By Sergio Álvarez

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