The Magic of Life

Viviana Rivero

NOVEL. EMECÉ, 2014. 452 PAGES.

The Magic of Life is a brilliant novel about courage and true love, the kind that heals and believes in second chances. Emilia Fernán, a young Argentine journalist, travels to Florence to write a series of articles about European food and also to get over her break-up with Manuel. Her father asks her to do him a favour while she’s there: find out what she can about the whereabouts of a lost painting by the master Camilo Fiore. As she encounters the delights of Italian cuisine and searches for the painting, Emilia meets Fedele, the attractive owner of the restaurant Buon Giorno, with whom she will experience a love affair the likes of which she could never have dreamed. The invisible strings that guide our existence lead them to a castle in Piacenza owned by an old count with hidden secrets from the Second World War with whom they will form an unexpectedly close bond. In her latest novel, Viviana Rivero offers us a gripping plot that journeys back from the present day to the fifties as the fates of different families interweave across many continents. This is the story of a unique love affair that overcomes the challenges that destiny places in its path as the protagonists unravel a tangled history of betrayal on their way to a thrillingly unexpected climax.  


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