Viviana Rivero

NOVEL. EMECÉ, 2017. 557 PAGES.

Can a great love twist fate?

At the beginning of 1920, Melisa Loyola, daughter of the most renowned tailor in Paris, longs to become a dancer and singer. Since she was a child, she has been helping her father in his studio, and thus comes into contact with the glittering castings of the Moulin Rouge and the Folies Bergère. She dreams of shining on stage, even if this is not exactly the future her mother wants for her."Rich as an Argentine" is the phrase coined in early-twentieth-century Paris, referring to the ranchers who visit the city for long periods and enjoy an ostentatious life. Money seems to flow from inexhaustible sources, and Nikolai Martínez Romanov is one of those privileged visitors. When he meets Melisa, a love flourishes between them that seems indestructible, and which will unfold between Paris and Buenos Aires. But the winds will change direction and the couple will live through difficult times, requiring extraordinary courage.

In her new novel Sí (“Yes”), Viviana Rivero once again constructs a plot full of adventures and excitement, with moving characters and dreamlike settings. An exciting story, impossible to put down, with an underlying message: even in adverse circumstances, we human beings are always able to start over.


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