A Blinding Light

Viviana Rivero


Is it possible for a couple to live happily in love when they come from two starkly different cultures?
It's 2014 and the bloody civil war rages in Syria. Álvaro Sánchez, an Argentine photographer living in Barcelona, decides to cover the conflict. His contacts take him to the home of the Al Kabanis, a Muslim family willing to smuggle him into Duma, one of the cities held by the rebel forces.
Álvaro has no idea that this adventure will be the most dangerous he has ever faced or that on it he will encounter a love that will shake him to his very foundations, in every sense of the word. He'll fall head over heels in love with Salma, a young Arabic woman, suddenly willing to do anything for her, no matter what it takes. Together they experience passion and jeopardy that will test them to the limit and place their lives at risk in the middle of a whirlwind of violence and cultural upheaval. The young couple's romance is overshadowed by one from many years ago, which took place in the grand old Syria of the sixties. This period of political turbulence and harsh repression of women left its mark on Nunú, whose personal transformation will have a powerful influence on Salma and Álvaro.
Once again, Viviana Rivero surprises and dazzles us with a novel that has everything: love, sensuality, fraternal hatred, ancestral taboos and fierce resilience in the face of overwhelming odds. A Blinding Light shows us how love can overcome the horrors of war, demonstrating the unstoppable energy of women united against injustice.

«The book promises to be a best seller as is customary every time Viviana Rivero releases her novels.»

Juliana Molina, Río Negro


«"A strong and bright light", a novel that perfectly depicts life in the Syrian war.»

Los Andes


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